Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Aurevoir Bruxelles

Forever changing skies & Great Food @ "Taste of Antwerp"

Walking my cute little doggy in the forest every day...

Even Brussels has big fashion names... and a sort of 'Arc de triomphe'

My holidays up north are over.... a month and a half passed by in a rush! Unbelievable that tonight I'll be back in Milan. But eventhough not very adventurous, Brussels was nice. The weather was amazingly good, got a reasonable fair tan, got some work done for my thesis, had the chance to get creative in the kitchen again, got closer to my parents, had majorly sister bonding, got to read a couple of good books, and got a new treatment for my voice....

All in all.... got renewed energy to kick it big time in the city of fashion for my last 3.5 months down south.

ps: I'll get to the city guides sooooon!!!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Jimmy Choo for H&M! Pretty sure this ain't new news for lots of ppl but it is for me... and I must say I am THRILLED!!!!!! Because who doesn't want a pair of Jimmy's at a reasonable price?!

And yet again my wishlist is expanded... sigh...

Just another 84 sleeps and they'll be available worldwide!!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Favourite Models: Lara Stone

We all know Doutzen Kroes! One of the most successful Dutch models nowadays. But she's not the only Dutch beauty out there. The Dutch are marching up in the fashion world... And to give you an idea of whom I'm talking about I'll update you each week with a new Dutch beauty. And no, they're not all blond & blue eyed; but they are mega tall... 

Part 1: LARA STONE! 

French Vogue has already dedicated a whole issue on our national beauty last February. But she has also been the face of Calvin Klein jeans, H&M, Jill Sander, Max Mara and Givenchy, opened the Jean Paul Gaultier show, and closed Chanels show last season. And she'll be once more on the cover of the French Vogue next month... . Make sure to keep an eye on this model because it will not be the last that you have heard from her.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Siblings Fashion part 1: DSquared for MAC!!!

Siblings in fashion is not a new phenomenon... On the contrary it has been quite a successful concept. My favourite designers come in pairs! And part 1 of the revelation of my favs is: DSquared!!! Dean & Dan, canadian twins came to Italy to seek success, and they have managed to get some for sure! Oh my god, their designs are just the right mix between casual chic & haute couture and a touch of rock glam. And they know how to put themselves out there. Not only is their store an exception between the stuck up stores on gloden square of Milan but they have managed to shake up the traditional runway. Putting models, gorgeous models, on the runway as if they were celebrities with a starbucks and a handful of magazines in their hands, is just briljant! I bet other designers wished they had come up with such a refreshing idea. Cos it makes the whole show and the clothes especially, a lot more 'real' to the public and will definitely result in great sales as people will feel the clothes are actually really ready to wear!

Not only have they produced an amazing collection this fall and winter, but the canadian twins are teaming up with MAC! MAC being my ultimate favourite make-up brand working with DSquared is just to good to be true cos my motto: "Once you go MAC, you don't go back...." and the new fall/winter look of the twins, must be a winning combo! I can't wait to go to the stores..

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Another Quiet Moment...

I believe it is about time I share a little more about myself and especially about the title of this blog. 'A quiet moment' is as I mentioned in my very first post, a period that I'm going through at the moment. I lost my voice exactly four years ago and haven't recovered it completely ever since. At the time I was already living in Amsterdam for a year and enjoying the student life to the fullest. I got antibiotics and loads of other medications at first because they thought my vocal cords were inflamed. But once I was off the meds, my voice was gone again. A few doctors later, they decided to teach me how to speak again because wrong usage of the vocal cords could have been the cause. Loads of singers have this as well so I kinda felt cool and didn't mind explaining to people what I had, but six months later my voice still wasn't back. To give you an idea, I spoke really really low (just like when you have a terrible hangover after a crazy night), or with a squeek (when I actually was hangover) or I whispered. After a while I was known as 'the girl with the voice' among my student friends.

For two years I saw a dozen doctors at 5 different hospitals, whom all promised me : "I know what it is, and I will cure you!!!" But after a while I simply stopped believing them and I decided to just live my life and consider my voice as a handicap. I started to cope with the continuous comments from people on the streets who'd hear me 'speak' to friends, tramdrivers who'd ask if I'd had a rough night, bartenders who saw me as the ultimate party girl and the never ending explaining of what I 'had'. Because actually, I didn't have anything to explain since the doctors didn't know what I had. So I just told people that I indeed had had a rough night, or that I was simply ill, and I lived my life. Luckily my voice hasn't held me back from achieving my goals as I managed to get several bartending jobs, to become the secretary of my sorority, finish my Bachelor degree with an internship for a non-profit organization, and to get another internship at the marketing department of a Dutch fashion brand called Oilily which was during the last 6 months of 2008. Then I got in at the European School of Economics in Milan and started my master in Marketing. And again despite my voice I learned Italian in order to be able to get an internship which this time, I got at a tiny fashion PR company called Pink&Chic in Milan. I'm starting in September... exciting.

It was beginning of 2008 that I started treatment with a doctor in Brussels who also treated my mom, who has fybromyalgia. He did a bunch of blood tests and started treatment through trial and error. The end of 2008, my surroundings started noticing the difference in my voice and that it started getting better. Now another 6 months, many medications, vitamins, minerals and natural boosters, other bloodtests further, my doctor finally knows what I have. It still doesn't have a name-tag to it, but to keep a long story short, the loss of my voice was caused by a bacteria I caught on my travels to Ecuador. This little bug, although cured at the time, created such damage in my intestinal system that my body started making these toxins that ended up in my bloodstream. The toxicated blood then damaged the enzymes needed for vocal cords to be able to move smoothly and tadaaa, my voice stopped because the cords couldn't move smoothly anymore. Now he's trying to get these toxins out of my body and restore all the bacterial balance in order for my body to regain these enzymes needed for the elasticity in my voice. He too told me: "I know what you have and I will cure you!!", but this time, I believe him.

I am not losing faith nor hope that one day I will be able to speak again... Until then, I'm fighting my way to achieve my dreams within the fashion world, with or without voice, I will get there!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Newest item on my wishlist...WILDFOX Couture

Just returned from an afternoon stralling in downtown Brussels....
Although my personal financial crisis prohibits me from purchasing anything new, it doesn't hurt to extend the wishlist with another item, or items now does it?! Where t-shirts used to be absent in my closet because I thought it didn't quite fit me well, nowadays I can't seem to stop myself being lured by the most simple clothing that exists. But surprisingly I keep wanting the expensive ones, with prints, studs, glitter and glamour... but the ultimate first that I need to find is a Wildfox Couture one with the roses. Awesome with my new high waist skirts, mean high heels and the boyfriend blazer! Can totally imagine myself wearing one....

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Heya Party People,
I'm back from my holidays in Amsterdam... It was exhaustingly FUN!!! I got to see all my friends again from back when I was studying there. I haven't see them for almost 8 months, so you can imagine I didn't have time to work on my blog or anything. Together with my two best friends; the Julster and Stef to The Square were once again complete to put Amsterdam upside down.

Gays do have more fun....

Me and my friends managed to get on a boat that day. We were on a boat with 40 people, lots of champagne, food and our own DJ and even a dude who played the saxophone. After the whole parade we went for a boat tour until 9pm dancing our little butts off and having the best time ever. Anything after that just didn't seem as much fun anymore so we headed home... amazing day!!

Other Highlights these ten days:
- having the terrible threesome back together again
- dinner with the fantastic four
- lunch with the Jonkortes
- coffee with my old roomie
- dinner with the best brother in the world
- coffee with my tallest friend ever
- dinner with the X who still has a special place in my heart
- hearing Italian in the park
- being recognized in the gym and them noticing my voice is a bit better
- drinking beers with E
- the attention on my new high heels
- working on my tan on the beach with the girls
- dinners @ Julster's
- Julster's cat not being scared of me anymore
- my new bright pink flower for in my hair
- finally buying my Boyfriend Blazer
- filling up my large collection of leggings
- spending without worrying
- having no more money in the end....
- being picked up by my big sis

Yeah these ten days were not the usual holidays of sun & sea, but I had a fabulous time in Amsterdam! Summer 2009 will not be forgotten anytime soon...

Too Late...

YAY!!!! I got home from my holiday in Amsterdam and my newest gadget was waiting for me freshly arrived from Italy!!! The TOO LATE watches are the newest rage in Milan, and they don't sell outside of Italy just yet, but you can find them on their official site. They exist in the brightest colours, from my fav baby doll pink to lucious red. However I picked the white one to begin with... white on a tanned skin always looks good! But... no reason not to buy some more colours as they are cheap as hell, 20euros! And not to forget they're unisex, and waterproof... So you and your loved one could even go for a midnight swim together without losing track of time, although maybe that's just what you want don't you?!!

ps: i looove my new buddha bracelet as well... my best friend got it for me from Shanghai and I'm keeping that one until it falls off....

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Magical Fashionista all Grown up!

Harry Potter Fashionable?

Ok I know, Harry Potter is not what you would call super duper cool and fashionable, but I just can't help it: I'm addicted to the little boy with his lightning scar and tiny round glasses, which he has outgrown big time.

It all started around 6 years ago when I was dating this lovely skinny french boy Thomas. He was totally into the whole HP rage, and I just refused to go with it. I thought Harry was for kids, and seen my 17 years old, I surely wasn't a kid. But he stood foot, and placed me in front of the tv and made me watch HP and the philospher's stone the movie. Two hours later I was hooked. I bought the second, third and fourth book the next day. Four books were already published, imagine how far behind I was. But two small months later I was up to date. I read like a madwoman, sometimes until 4 in the morning. Harry Potter for kids? Heck if that meant I was a kid, who cares!! I was totally turned around, and my boyfriend regretted introducing me to the magical world of Hogwarts.

Ever since I was on waiting lists for every book that was published and I sat in the cinema as soon as the next movie was out. My ultimate favourite was the fourth book and movie, Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire. Amazing the way JK Rowling let her imagination go on that one.

But the last movie: HP and the Half-Blood Prince! Just one word: BRAVO!! Really well done, and even though some parts of the book were left out, it's amazingly done. I just love the way they have all grown up and how they're starting to have love lives and so on. And one character has especially evolved big time: Hermione Granger. Wow. In realy life as well... To think that she has become the new face of Burberry.

So in the end, Harry just is plain fashionable, and there's no shame in saying you read or rather devour the books and movies... :D few, what a relief!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

On the Rise in Amsterdam: Ann Bogaerts

See my dear people, I wasn't talking all balloony stories. The Amsterdam International Fashion Week is not the little sister of the big fashion cities anymore. It has proven to produce cool and significant upcoming designers. Go Dutchies!!!

www.style.com - July 27th 2009 - Mark Smith

"Amsterdam International Fashion Week lived up to its name this year by selecting a 22-year-old Belgian fashion student as its breakout star. Ann Boogaerts, a graduate of Holland’s prestigious ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, was chosen by a panel of 100 industry insiders (among them Wendy Dagworthy, originator of London fashion week) as the winner of the €10,000 Lichting cash prize. For her brightly hued capsule collection, Boogaerts drew her inspiration from Spanish-born Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who reigned from 1960 to 1993, imagining what might’ve happened if the young Fabiola had taken a Dutch lover instead of her eventual royal suitor, Baudouin of Belgium: “My show starts to the soundtrack of the Belgian national anthem and morphs into the Dutch one. I wanted to make light of the little fashion stereotypes and preconceptions that exist between the Dutch and the Belgians. The Dutch think the Belgians are bourgeois. The Belgians think that all Dutch people wear bright red pants.” Whether or not they understood the sartorial and political significance of this excursion, the Lichting jurors were charmed by the whimsy of Boogaert’s designs. Dagworthy, for one, was royally impressed: “It’s been such a difficult decision,” she said of her duties on the panel. “I’ve seen degree collections here that are innovative and experimental, with fantastic cutting, color, and fabric choices. This bodes very well for Dutch design.”

Monday, 27 July 2009

Baby Blues

Global warming.... definitely present! We are the 27th of July and the past week and a half have been unpredictably predictable with rain, storms, sunshine, wind, heat, cold... and so on! The only predictability of the weather in Brussels so far has been the storms every night/morning at 6 am! And this is supposed to be my summer?!

No wonder there's a little bit of the blues in the air. Where I felt extremely positive and energetic this weekend, and therefore managed to do loads, today is just the opposite. Drained of energy and creativity, I feel that I just want to curl up on the couch and watch movies all day. Or again, is it just the rain that makes me feel like that?

To cure the baby blues, I've started downloading a bunch of french 'ballades' ... picking a bunch of movies to watch tonight, and making myself a cup of jasmin green tea for with my new favourite book: Petite Anglaise!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lipstick Jungle

No "Lipstick Jungle" is not about the marvelous series of Candace Buschnell, who also wrote Sex and the City, but it's about my own personal "Lipstick Jungle".... I have discovered that with a little tan, my lips tend to fall on the background, and well aren't your lips exactly that, what boys love to ... indeed: KISS!!! And then not to forget, the fact that lipstick is sooo 2009!

The question is:
  • Rouge Scarlett
  • Rouge D'Amour
  • Pink Baby Doll
  • Rose So Lovely
  • Beige Plaisir
  • Bedtime Plum...
Gosh too many deliciously sounding colours, which you'd rather want to eat than put on your lips. They're actually a handful of the new line of Nivea by Chantal Thomass. I've tried the Pink Baby Doll, which is more of a fluorescent kind of bright pink than the sweet and soft pinks I usually use in my make-up, but it looked amazing and stayed on even after having jogged and taken a shower!!!! And in these economical dark times, and grey and black tones in fashion a splash of pink might just be the thing the world can use. So I could go for the Pink Baby Doll right...? Wrong... cos I love to put scarlett reds on my finger and toe nails, and I don't own a Pink Baby Doll nailpolish yet. Unfortunately it doesn't exist either, which definitely does not make my life any easier at the moment. Well it does exist, but not in the Nivea by Chantal Thomass line, but by NUBAR, with another lucious name as HOT PINK! My luck again, they don't ship abroad...

So basically my dilemmas are:
1. which of the lucious colours to choose to start my lipstick grown up life?
2. where am I going to find: Pink Baby Doll, Hot Pinkish nailpolish??!! (it has to be really fluorescent!!!)


Friday, 24 July 2009

Amsterdam International Fashion Week

The Amsterdam International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 has just started. From the 22nd to the 26th of July, Amsterdam is covered in fashion!!! Exactly the way we love it.

Besides the fashion shows of the upcoming designers, there's the exceptional downtown programme. This programme is designed for the public, meaning that everyone is allowed to join in on the AIFW. I think this programma is amazing, especially for us fashionistas dying to be part of fashion weeks in general. Amsterdam is until now, the only city that has such a programme and others can learn from the upcoming fashiontown of the cheese peeps. Living in Milan I have praid the gods many times for them to initiate with such a programme.... Maybe it's time for me to take forces into own hands and start such a programme abroad. But HOW??!!! :)

Anyways, I have been following the fashion week day by day... and in stead of the usual big names which tend to rule the fashion scene, the upcoming designers get a chance to shine during the AIFW. This is another lovely aspect about this unusual fashion week compared to the big ones.

Picture will come soon, as they're not yet available to the public and can't seem to get them from the official site. But if you're so curious and can't wait another day, check out www.aifw.nl and join me in following the official Amsterdam International Fashion Week. It's worth it, trust me!

I heart PARIS

Spending the summer in Brussels, even though at my parents house, means I get to go city-hopping big time! From Brussels you get to Amsterdam in two little hours, to Paris in 3 little hours and so on. So when my dad said: "I have a business appointment in Paris tomorrow, who wants to join?" My sister and I (she's visiting the parents front as well) didn't hesitate a minute on whether to go or not. So the next morning (last wednesday) we jumped in the car at half past 7 (gosh- waaaay too early for a holiday morning, but it's for a good cause) and drove off to Paris! Paris, la ville d'amour! I love Paris with all my heart since I was a little girl. I used to say: "When I grow up, I will work for a glossy magazine in Paris!". However, since then I made a few side steps, but I must say that after this little visit, my dream has been awakened again. After Amsterdam, now Milan, who knows, my next step might just as well be PARIS!!!

While walking the gorgeous streets of the 'Marais', the neighbourhood of Paris where les Halles, la Tour st Jacques and the Louvre and not to forget the famous 'Paris Plage' are located, I looked beyond the beautiful buildings and surroundings. I really tried to get the real vintage Paris Feeling and the extraordinary fashionable people there and then I tried to capture them on camera. Gosh, respect to the Sartorialist! How does he do that?! To spot fashion is one thing, but to get them on camera is a whole other... But I did my best....

These three Asian girls were walking by while I was sitting in the Jardin des Tuileries... Usually Asians are hung with Hello Kitty and fluorescent clothing and gadgets but these ladies were sophisticated casual chic. Although quite hot with leggings and stockings under their hip shorts, they had the perfect town-strolling outfit complete with cute ballerinas.

And don't you just love the hip couple having a sushi lunch .... sigh!