Tuesday, 28 July 2009

On the Rise in Amsterdam: Ann Bogaerts

See my dear people, I wasn't talking all balloony stories. The Amsterdam International Fashion Week is not the little sister of the big fashion cities anymore. It has proven to produce cool and significant upcoming designers. Go Dutchies!!!

www.style.com - July 27th 2009 - Mark Smith

"Amsterdam International Fashion Week lived up to its name this year by selecting a 22-year-old Belgian fashion student as its breakout star. Ann Boogaerts, a graduate of Holland’s prestigious ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, was chosen by a panel of 100 industry insiders (among them Wendy Dagworthy, originator of London fashion week) as the winner of the €10,000 Lichting cash prize. For her brightly hued capsule collection, Boogaerts drew her inspiration from Spanish-born Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who reigned from 1960 to 1993, imagining what might’ve happened if the young Fabiola had taken a Dutch lover instead of her eventual royal suitor, Baudouin of Belgium: “My show starts to the soundtrack of the Belgian national anthem and morphs into the Dutch one. I wanted to make light of the little fashion stereotypes and preconceptions that exist between the Dutch and the Belgians. The Dutch think the Belgians are bourgeois. The Belgians think that all Dutch people wear bright red pants.” Whether or not they understood the sartorial and political significance of this excursion, the Lichting jurors were charmed by the whimsy of Boogaert’s designs. Dagworthy, for one, was royally impressed: “It’s been such a difficult decision,” she said of her duties on the panel. “I’ve seen degree collections here that are innovative and experimental, with fantastic cutting, color, and fabric choices. This bodes very well for Dutch design.”

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