Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sneek Preview

After having searched on the web for various blogs, and trying to find my style I want to use for my own, I have decided to continue my research some more. I'm currently busy doing some scrapbooking, which I totally love, to get some inspiration and things like that. Don't you have that too, that when you're up and about in town, of even under the shower, that genius ideas come to mind, and then once you actually want to put them to life.. oops "what was it I was thinking about again?"
This is actually the main reason I'm starting this blog. I want to get those ideas out there... who knows, I might reach some people who really appreciate it. Although my ideas range from: 'Where's the latest party?, What to wear tomorrow, or to that latest party? What to eat tonight? Is he really into me? .... to .... What will my life be like in 10 years? or When will this damn recession come to an end?' So there's not really one topic I want to share with you. Although, the focus will be mainly on: How a twenty-something year old manages the last year of her life abroad, with a keen interest in fashion, food, health and bien sur, boyssss!

Surprise surprise: it's SUMMER!!! And as Milan, the city I currently study in, is boiling hot and therefore dead silent during the summer, I'm spending my lucious summer months in Brussels, where my parents live, and Amsterdam, where I used to study before. Planning on going to Egypt at the end of August with my best friend, so I guess my summer is packed and busy enough. I actually went to Paris for a day yesterday, which was amazing! PARIS PARIS... I will love you forever. But more on the Paris chapter later on! Besides chilling and enjoying those sunny days, I have to start doing some research on my thesis, and boy let me tell you, I am not looking forward to that one at all. Even though it's is going to be on luxury brand management and marketing communications (my master major), which are topics I love, but it's still a damn pain in the ass!

So yeah, I guess welcome on my blog "A Quiet Moment"... which is by the way the title because I lost my voice exactly four years ago and it has changed my life and my view on life radically. It's coming back to me, thanks to my wonderous doctor, but there's still some work to do. Good thing about losing your voice, is that you have time to really get those brains going on whatever is worhtwhile and important at that point. It has made me who I am right now!

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