Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lipstick Jungle

No "Lipstick Jungle" is not about the marvelous series of Candace Buschnell, who also wrote Sex and the City, but it's about my own personal "Lipstick Jungle".... I have discovered that with a little tan, my lips tend to fall on the background, and well aren't your lips exactly that, what boys love to ... indeed: KISS!!! And then not to forget, the fact that lipstick is sooo 2009!

The question is:
  • Rouge Scarlett
  • Rouge D'Amour
  • Pink Baby Doll
  • Rose So Lovely
  • Beige Plaisir
  • Bedtime Plum...
Gosh too many deliciously sounding colours, which you'd rather want to eat than put on your lips. They're actually a handful of the new line of Nivea by Chantal Thomass. I've tried the Pink Baby Doll, which is more of a fluorescent kind of bright pink than the sweet and soft pinks I usually use in my make-up, but it looked amazing and stayed on even after having jogged and taken a shower!!!! And in these economical dark times, and grey and black tones in fashion a splash of pink might just be the thing the world can use. So I could go for the Pink Baby Doll right...? Wrong... cos I love to put scarlett reds on my finger and toe nails, and I don't own a Pink Baby Doll nailpolish yet. Unfortunately it doesn't exist either, which definitely does not make my life any easier at the moment. Well it does exist, but not in the Nivea by Chantal Thomass line, but by NUBAR, with another lucious name as HOT PINK! My luck again, they don't ship abroad...

So basically my dilemmas are:
1. which of the lucious colours to choose to start my lipstick grown up life?
2. where am I going to find: Pink Baby Doll, Hot Pinkish nailpolish??!! (it has to be really fluorescent!!!)



  1. I always have neon pink nails lately! I just use the really cheap drugstore kind.

  2. Lookin my bottoms off for neon pink nailpolish. Dutch or Belgian peeps don't seem to like to stand out with neon nails.. :(