Friday, 24 July 2009

I heart PARIS

Spending the summer in Brussels, even though at my parents house, means I get to go city-hopping big time! From Brussels you get to Amsterdam in two little hours, to Paris in 3 little hours and so on. So when my dad said: "I have a business appointment in Paris tomorrow, who wants to join?" My sister and I (she's visiting the parents front as well) didn't hesitate a minute on whether to go or not. So the next morning (last wednesday) we jumped in the car at half past 7 (gosh- waaaay too early for a holiday morning, but it's for a good cause) and drove off to Paris! Paris, la ville d'amour! I love Paris with all my heart since I was a little girl. I used to say: "When I grow up, I will work for a glossy magazine in Paris!". However, since then I made a few side steps, but I must say that after this little visit, my dream has been awakened again. After Amsterdam, now Milan, who knows, my next step might just as well be PARIS!!!

While walking the gorgeous streets of the 'Marais', the neighbourhood of Paris where les Halles, la Tour st Jacques and the Louvre and not to forget the famous 'Paris Plage' are located, I looked beyond the beautiful buildings and surroundings. I really tried to get the real vintage Paris Feeling and the extraordinary fashionable people there and then I tried to capture them on camera. Gosh, respect to the Sartorialist! How does he do that?! To spot fashion is one thing, but to get them on camera is a whole other... But I did my best....

These three Asian girls were walking by while I was sitting in the Jardin des Tuileries... Usually Asians are hung with Hello Kitty and fluorescent clothing and gadgets but these ladies were sophisticated casual chic. Although quite hot with leggings and stockings under their hip shorts, they had the perfect town-strolling outfit complete with cute ballerinas.

And don't you just love the hip couple having a sushi lunch .... sigh!

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