Thursday, 30 July 2009

Harry Potter Fashionable?

Ok I know, Harry Potter is not what you would call super duper cool and fashionable, but I just can't help it: I'm addicted to the little boy with his lightning scar and tiny round glasses, which he has outgrown big time.

It all started around 6 years ago when I was dating this lovely skinny french boy Thomas. He was totally into the whole HP rage, and I just refused to go with it. I thought Harry was for kids, and seen my 17 years old, I surely wasn't a kid. But he stood foot, and placed me in front of the tv and made me watch HP and the philospher's stone the movie. Two hours later I was hooked. I bought the second, third and fourth book the next day. Four books were already published, imagine how far behind I was. But two small months later I was up to date. I read like a madwoman, sometimes until 4 in the morning. Harry Potter for kids? Heck if that meant I was a kid, who cares!! I was totally turned around, and my boyfriend regretted introducing me to the magical world of Hogwarts.

Ever since I was on waiting lists for every book that was published and I sat in the cinema as soon as the next movie was out. My ultimate favourite was the fourth book and movie, Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire. Amazing the way JK Rowling let her imagination go on that one.

But the last movie: HP and the Half-Blood Prince! Just one word: BRAVO!! Really well done, and even though some parts of the book were left out, it's amazingly done. I just love the way they have all grown up and how they're starting to have love lives and so on. And one character has especially evolved big time: Hermione Granger. Wow. In realy life as well... To think that she has become the new face of Burberry.

So in the end, Harry just is plain fashionable, and there's no shame in saying you read or rather devour the books and movies... :D few, what a relief!

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