Sunday, 9 August 2009


Heya Party People,
I'm back from my holidays in Amsterdam... It was exhaustingly FUN!!! I got to see all my friends again from back when I was studying there. I haven't see them for almost 8 months, so you can imagine I didn't have time to work on my blog or anything. Together with my two best friends; the Julster and Stef to The Square were once again complete to put Amsterdam upside down.

Gays do have more fun....

Me and my friends managed to get on a boat that day. We were on a boat with 40 people, lots of champagne, food and our own DJ and even a dude who played the saxophone. After the whole parade we went for a boat tour until 9pm dancing our little butts off and having the best time ever. Anything after that just didn't seem as much fun anymore so we headed home... amazing day!!

Other Highlights these ten days:
- having the terrible threesome back together again
- dinner with the fantastic four
- lunch with the Jonkortes
- coffee with my old roomie
- dinner with the best brother in the world
- coffee with my tallest friend ever
- dinner with the X who still has a special place in my heart
- hearing Italian in the park
- being recognized in the gym and them noticing my voice is a bit better
- drinking beers with E
- the attention on my new high heels
- working on my tan on the beach with the girls
- dinners @ Julster's
- Julster's cat not being scared of me anymore
- my new bright pink flower for in my hair
- finally buying my Boyfriend Blazer
- filling up my large collection of leggings
- spending without worrying
- having no more money in the end....
- being picked up by my big sis

Yeah these ten days were not the usual holidays of sun & sea, but I had a fabulous time in Amsterdam! Summer 2009 will not be forgotten anytime soon...

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