Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Aurevoir Bruxelles

Forever changing skies & Great Food @ "Taste of Antwerp"

Walking my cute little doggy in the forest every day...

Even Brussels has big fashion names... and a sort of 'Arc de triomphe'

My holidays up north are over.... a month and a half passed by in a rush! Unbelievable that tonight I'll be back in Milan. But eventhough not very adventurous, Brussels was nice. The weather was amazingly good, got a reasonable fair tan, got some work done for my thesis, had the chance to get creative in the kitchen again, got closer to my parents, had majorly sister bonding, got to read a couple of good books, and got a new treatment for my voice....

All in all.... got renewed energy to kick it big time in the city of fashion for my last 3.5 months down south.

ps: I'll get to the city guides sooooon!!!

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