Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Siblings Fashion part 1: DSquared for MAC!!!

Siblings in fashion is not a new phenomenon... On the contrary it has been quite a successful concept. My favourite designers come in pairs! And part 1 of the revelation of my favs is: DSquared!!! Dean & Dan, canadian twins came to Italy to seek success, and they have managed to get some for sure! Oh my god, their designs are just the right mix between casual chic & haute couture and a touch of rock glam. And they know how to put themselves out there. Not only is their store an exception between the stuck up stores on gloden square of Milan but they have managed to shake up the traditional runway. Putting models, gorgeous models, on the runway as if they were celebrities with a starbucks and a handful of magazines in their hands, is just briljant! I bet other designers wished they had come up with such a refreshing idea. Cos it makes the whole show and the clothes especially, a lot more 'real' to the public and will definitely result in great sales as people will feel the clothes are actually really ready to wear!

Not only have they produced an amazing collection this fall and winter, but the canadian twins are teaming up with MAC! MAC being my ultimate favourite make-up brand working with DSquared is just to good to be true cos my motto: "Once you go MAC, you don't go back...." and the new fall/winter look of the twins, must be a winning combo! I can't wait to go to the stores..

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  1. nice collection