Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Newest item on my wishlist...WILDFOX Couture

Just returned from an afternoon stralling in downtown Brussels....
Although my personal financial crisis prohibits me from purchasing anything new, it doesn't hurt to extend the wishlist with another item, or items now does it?! Where t-shirts used to be absent in my closet because I thought it didn't quite fit me well, nowadays I can't seem to stop myself being lured by the most simple clothing that exists. But surprisingly I keep wanting the expensive ones, with prints, studs, glitter and glamour... but the ultimate first that I need to find is a Wildfox Couture one with the roses. Awesome with my new high waist skirts, mean high heels and the boyfriend blazer! Can totally imagine myself wearing one....

1 comment:

  1. Hello!! I'm giving away the wildfox couture roses sweater on my blog - i've JUST posted it up so please enter and you could win it :)